The human face is one of the easiest characteristic which can be used in biometric security system to identify a user. Face recognition technology, is very popular and is used more widely because it does not require any kind of physical contact between the users and device. Cameras scan the user face and match it to a database for verification. Furthermore, it is easy to install and does not require any expensive hardware. Facial recognition technology is used widely in a variety of security systems such as physical access control or computer user accounts. However, it is still not as unique as its counterparts such as retinal, iris or DNA. Therefore, it is normally used with other characteristics in the system. On the other hand, time is the most negative affective factor with face recognition technology because as the user ages will change over time.

Biometrics Cyber womanBiometric face recognition systems will collect data from the users' face and store them in a database for future use. It will measure the overall structure, shape and proportion of features on the user's face such as: distance between eyes, nose, mouths, ears, jaw, size of eyes, mouth and others expressions. Facial expression is also counted as one of the factors to change during a user's facial recognition process. Examples include, smiling, crying, and wrinkles on the face.